Pool & Spa Chemicals

Come into our store and browse our wide range of pool and spa chemicals, we have everything you need for a perfectly balanced crystal clear pool and spa water experience.

Pool Protector Liquid Chemicals

Liquid chemicals sold under the POOL PROTECTOR brand include:

• Algecides
• Surface Cleaners
• Clarifiers
• Crystalite
• Phosphate Remover
• Cartridge Filter Cleaner
• Sand Filter Cleaner
• Salt Cell Cleaner
• Pool Floc
• Black Spot Remover
• Metal Rid
• Winteriser

Pool Protector Granular Chemicals

Granular chemicals sold under the POOL PROTECTOR brand include:

• Pool Chlorine 700
• Stain Remover
• Stabilised Pool Chlorine
• Calcium Stopper
• Shock Treatments
• Granular Floc
• pH Buffer
• Salt Cell Protector
• pH Increaser
• Flyaway Ducks
• pH Decreaser
• Water Balances

General Spa Chemicals

• Spa Lithium Hypochlorite Sanitiser
• Alkalinity Increaser
• Anti Foam
• Water Clarifier
• Spa Shock
• Bromine Tablet Sanitiser
• Cartridge Filter Cleaner
• pH Increaser
• pH Reducer

Swimming and Spa Chemicals

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